Our resident seminarian always wears full cassock with ornamented cincture and zucchetto and I’m just like what the hell are you doing have you looked in a mirror how the hell are you supposed to minister to the people when you’re wearing that ridiculous outfit that distances and distinguishes and separates.

Do you even know what a zucchetto and cincture are?

I don’t know what he wants them to wear — and he calls their vestments ridiculous. Now he’s ridiculous!



using latin when the congregation neither wants it nor understands it is liturgical abuse

making liturgical changes while only considering your taste and politics while ignoring and not consulting the lay experts in the parish is liturgical abuse

directing your homily toward civil politics focusing on issues you care about while neglecting the very real needs and concerns of the people is liturgical abuse

On the first paragraph: really? You might want to google the term “liturgical abuse.”

On the second: The actual liturgical changes (euphemism for abuse) were actually made through the help of “lay experts.” If the term is not an oxymoron, I don’t know what that means.

On the third: I might agree with you on one point. In almost all the masses I have attended, it seems that civil politics is a recurring topic. What are the real needs and concerns of the people? If you’re referring to endless discussion on “social justice,” “equality,” “ecumenism,” then I say these are but temporal concerns which are often used to promote a particular ideal, often heretical. What the people need, I believe, is the authentic preaching and witnessing of our priests — their examples and sermons on heaven, hell, purgatory, sins, the saints, the sacraments, etc. should lift our minds to our ultimate concern — our own salvation and that of others.



One cannot but agree with the words of the saintly Pope. It is truly time that those Cardinals and Archbishops who have their salvation dear begin to speak clearly, and say that there is no place within the Church for people who put their greed, their simony and their thirst for popularity before Christ, and actually insult him as not loving and not merciful enough, not relevant for our society and disconnected from the reality of the XXI century with his unprecedented “challenges” (clearly, they never heard of Sodom).